My work with the Copenhagen Candle Company project started with their urgent need for a brochure to hand out at a trade exhibition. I had to shoot all their products and produce the brochure in just three weeks. Also part of this project was to design a logo. My finished solution has a feel of Danish design simplicity. The logo is now pressed into the stainless steel lids as well as featuring on all their publicity and labels.

Following the success at the exhibition, I was asked to design their new trade website. The site uses my large-scale close-up photograhs shot for the catalogue, that fade in and out on the home page, then my cut out photographs for each of the product pages. The home page has a continuous slideshow, that can be interrupted by simply rolling the mouse over the thumbnails below.

The navigation had to be flexible to accommodate any number of new products. I chose an accordion-style menu that slides up and down, expanding to reveal each section’s product list.

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