I have been experimenting with low-tech printing ideas for some time. From silk-screen, woodblock, linocut and these latest ones using hand-cut stencils. This particular zigzag pattern originated as a linocut which I was unable to cut accurately due to the cutting causing pain in my broken shoulder. So I recreated the pattern and its variations in Adobe Illustrator. It was then possible to print these onto card which could be cut out to use as a series of templates. Even cutting these out with a scalpel turned out to be far too painful, so I have now progressed to using a Cricut cutting machine to carve out the new templates.

Each of the layers of pattern is built up from hand rolling each colour through a template. Although I planned how the final one would look I found it was much more rewarding to create new ideas as I went along. I used the basic patterns printed on tracing paper to work out where to put each new layer so that it would give an appealing dynamic combination of shapes and colours.

Now with numerous variations, I think they could be framed and combined to give unique wall art for designers and architects. Contact Colin to see additional designs and discuss ideas for your unique project.