Being a member of Tate I was one of the lucky ones allowed in early to see the fabulous new pyramid-shaped extension to the original Boiler House building. Designed by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron the angular, brick-clad extension, named the Blavatnik Building is at the back of the Boiler House, so that when standing outside at the front of the Tate it is much less distracting than expected.

Different Stages

Following its progress over the months, I loved the concrete stage – before the brick cladding – but now it is complete I can see what the architects had in mind. It’s not dominating, but it’s also far from timid. It has the conviction of a separate building altogether, somehow blending in and standing out at the same time. It’s a visual treat!

Left Handed Camera

These shots are a taster of much more to come. All taken with my left-hand-friendly, Sony QX30 lens-camera tethered to my iPhone. I was able to capture the day with the bonus of being able to zoom in and still achieve fantastic quality images. The strange, lens-camera has its own built in sensor and power source, so only uses the screen of the iPhone as a viewfinder. Meaning I can shoot with my left hand whilst keeping my right shoulder safely in its sling.