Nathan Levick Kitchens: Website Design

Nathan Levick (previously Levick Jorgensen) design and build beautifully crafted, quality kitchens in their own workshop in Uckfield, East Sussex.

Their old website was written in Flash so wasn’t visible to a lot of visitors. Their old site didn’t show images on an iPhone or iPad. As well as replacing Flash, the most important requirement was for the new website to be responsive. The new website re-flows and re-sizes depending on what device it is viewed on.

Thankfully Nathan had a collection of high quality images of their kitchens so it was possible to make them as large as possible for impact. Each of their portfolio of kitchens has their own page and navigation to quickly see the next and previous kitchens.

Nathan Levick is also a supplier of AGA cookers, so this has its own page and detailed enquiry form for potential customers.

The site has a large footer area containing maps, shortcuts and links. A testimonials page was added to show comments of his many delighted customers.

The new website more accurately represents his refined, quality kitchens.

Visit the Nathan Levick website – now altered by client.