Location Photographs

These location photographs all use natural light and almost all are also hand-held. They are often taken at one location – often dramatic, such as the derelict steel works in Dusseldorf.

Advance Planning Necessary

I usually research locations well in advance of when I am planning to shoot them. Google Maps is the obvious starting point and Wikipedia of course. Sometimes I do a recce to check how busy the traffic is, or if the building is actually covered in scaffolding at the time.

Deal With The Unexpected

There are occasions when all the planning isn’t enough. Shooting the Assembly Halls in Tunbridge Wells appeared to be an easy project had I not been given the same day as the local school children were doing their end of term drama shows. There were split seconds to take shots when there weren’t excited children, teachers and parents running past.

Get in Touch

Contact me so that we can discuss your ideas and bring them to fruition.

I also have a vast library of stock photographs, some of which are available to buy on Alamy.com. If are looking for shots of a specific location or topic please contact me.