Carolyn Forster’s website design has been an ongoing project, now in its third update. Carolyn is a well-known patchwork quilter with a large following around the world. I have created a new branding design for her packaging of plastic templates she is now selling. As part of the branding I have updated the website too. The updated logo uses the font Farao. Using web fonts, it is now easy to use the identical font for the display type on the website.

To match the template packaging I have used the same bright blue accent colour, used throughout the website in a similar way. Display headings and links are in blue along with the socket – the strip at the bottom of the footer.

Carolyn On Social Media

Carolyn is very prolific, posting on social media everyday and writing a book every year. With so many books, I created a visual index of at the bottom of each of the book pages. The index is in date order so it is easy to find the latest book.

Before Covid-19 Carolyn would be teaching here in the UK and around the world. Back in 2019 Carolyn was even teaching quilting classes on-board a ship sailing down the Danube! Carolyn is now taking bookings for a Stitching & Gardens of Sussex holiday for her patchwork fans.