Website Design Based in Tunbridge Wells

Website Design, Tunbridge Wells

Website Designer Based In Tunbridge Wells

Clients often contact me initially about website design. As part of the process I usually create not just their logo, but their entire corporate identity branding too. For many clients I am also involved with their product photography as well as their e-commerce website design, for example shots for Dawes Jewellery.

We will discuss your requirements and the ideas you might have for your website. The domain name is probably the first conversation, I usually suggest buying both the and .com versions of your domain name.

Simple Website Design

With a very methodical mind, I aim to make my website designs above all easy to understand. I prefer to simplify the number of elements to create a cleaner, more refined website.

Designed For You

Every element or your website is bespoke and created specifically for you. Giving you a totally individual website design. You will be able to log into your own account to make changes to your website, or send me a list of changes so that I can do them for you. I can use your own text or if you don’t feel comfortable writing about yourself I can work with writers who can achieve professional text for you.


My websites are designed specifically with tablets and smart phones in mind, as well as conventional computers. Responsive pages reshape the content to accommodate different screen sizes, making them easy to use on all devices. It is also possible to display alternative content depending on the size of the screen being used. It is possible to switch between portrait and landscape slideshows when the device is rotated. If you are using a mobile device try rotating it now to see the difference in the content.

Recent Websites

Most of my clients have been using my services for a long time. Carolyn Forster’s website is now on its third update. I have worked for Insider Dealings since 2007, I always update their Insider Dealings’ website when I have photographed their newest interior designs, or when they request changes to their website.

Working Remotely

In the past it was usual to meet my clients in person. With Covid, working remotely has become the norm. Even before Coronavirus there are some clients that I haven’t actually met, such as Abbey Road Framing based close to that zebra crossing. I have created their graphics, bags and adverts as well as their website.