Interior Design Photographs

Interior design photographs are usually commissioned by designers, where I use available natural light, plus lights within the room itself. Following a quick tour of the rooms to photograph, I work out when the sun would be ideal for each location. Working in this order, I concentrate on shooting the furniture and soft furnishings designed or supplied by the interior design team.

Additional Close-Up Shots

Once I have completed the client’s list of shots, I usually take a range of hand held close-ups and additional photos which I feel will make dramatic and graphic images.

Room Shots Using a Tripod

All of the room shots are taken on a tripod using available light and reflectors only. Clients see all of the photographs as an on-line slideshow. They are then retouched as required and supplied as high and low resolution images often used in their advertising and on their website.

Contact me so that we can discuss your ideas and bring them to fruition.