Colin Walton’s Pattern Designs Website

Pattern Designs Website

I love creating patterns! This website design is literally an integral part of the pattern making process. What appear to be large, full-screen patterns are in fact made of only the pattern repeat. The visitor’s computer then duplicates these small files to fill the whole screen.

Parallax Images

Most of the pattern designs begin with a series of dramatic, full-screen swatches. When scrolling down the page these swatches slide over each other in a way that gives depth to the page – called Parallax scrolling.

Small Gallery Images

On most designs there is also a gallery of up to 12 mini swatches showing alternative designs or colourways.

Pattern Index

With so many pattern designs it was vital to have a visual index. I use the WordPress Featured Image as the pattern swatch. To make the it easier to choose a design, I have made all the swatches the same blue-ish colourway.

Colour Index

I thought it would be useful to be able to see patterns in only one colour. The Colour Gallery at the bottom of each page makes it simple to see colours together.

Shop Page

I have recently set up pattern design shops on Contrado, and Spoonflower. The Shop Page takes shoppers to the appropriate page to buy the designs as fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper and home furnishings.