Candle Packaging Designs

Of the many candle packaging designs I have created for Copenhagen Candles these little tins are my favourite.

With every new season it is a challenge to design a new range. The small breakthrough this time was to add a coloured band to the lids. Previously all manufacturers had left this blank. The small band gives an extra surface for tiny letter-spaced type, printed in silver.

We created a set of images that could be used on all the fragrances across the range, including reed diffusers, filled glass candles and refills. The images had to be flexible to crop to a circle or a square for the rest of the range.

With a tight props budget we had no way we could source a real vanilla flower, so this one is made from a plastic milk bottle!

The baby powder was a challenge too, as we wanted an image that showed the powder, but a pile of it looked like something else… The final shot was created by chopping the bottom off the powder bottle, then to keep refilling it until we had a shot with the right flow of powder.

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