Interior Design Photographs for Diana C

I have known Diana for nearly 20 years, over this time I have admired the changes to her stunning apartment. She has carefully reworked all the rooms, from the study to the kitchen. This time it’s her stunning sitting room that gets her magic touch.

What to Keep and What to Update?

Diana has a talent for choosing classic items that work with all her rooms’ incarnations. For the sitting room, changing the scheme had to be at a minimal cost. So the Ralph Lauren sofa, coffee table and most of the other furniture had to stay. Changing the accent to a rich, plumy, aubergine colour teams with the touches of gold Diana already had. The yellow-gold colour in the new olive oil print ties it all together beautifully.

Charcoal Stripes Provide a Contrast with Black Furniture

I had suggested the idea of using stripes on the left hand wall, but it was Diana that found this more-subtle charcoal-striped wallpaper. Black and white stripes would have been too cold – and too obvious! Again Diana has chosen a combination that has worked with her existing black sideboard and chairs. Painting two of the walls in the same charcoal grey completes this refined, luxurious scheme.

Shooting in RAW Format for the Best Quality

All of the shots were taken on a beefy tripod, using available light. I shoot everything in RAW file format meaning that all of the images can be manipulated to achieve the best from each photograph. This technique, although more time consuming has the advantage of being able to adjust everything the camera can do – and more. Had I shot everything on auto in jpeg format, the shots would have been too dark in some places and too bright in others.

See my tutorial showing how these photographs were manipulated after the photoshoot.

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