Interior Design Photographs for Ensor Interior Design

Interior designers, Jo and Sarah at Ensor Interior Design created these beautiful interior design schemes. As on my first photoshoot for them, all of the soft furnishings were designed and supplied by Ensor Interior Design. For each of the schemes I concentrated on two or three whole-room shots, then created a collection of closeup images. Some are shown here after each room.

Shooting in RAW Format for the Best Quality

All of the shots are taken on a beefy tripod using available light and reflectors only. Shooting in RAW file format meaning that all the images have to be manipulated to be able to achieve the best from each photograph. This technique has the advantage of being able to adjust everything the camera can do – and more. The client was supplied with a low resolution slideshow, then high resolution images were sent over to be used in their advertising and on their website.

Retouching Images

The yellow and grey sitting room had to be retouched to remove a neighbour’s red car and garage, clearly visible through the window.

I particularly like the darkest rooms. Each of the shots were taken with an extra exposure for the window, which has been stripped-in using Photoshop to give add extra detail to the areas outside.

Long Exposures for the Darkest Rooms

We needed a focal point for the smallest room, so I used the white lilies found in the owners’ kitchen. I felt they would look dramatic against the dark wallpaper in this small bathroom.  I wanted only daylight, so I avoided using the room’s warm lighting. The effect is almost monochrome. The exposure was a very long 8 seconds.

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