Using Multiple Effects

There are some images that need to use multiple effects. I would normally try to do all of the photo-manipulation in Lightroom, but here I needed to combine two images – so Photoshop was also needed.

Uneven Lighting

With most interior design photography you have to manage with available light. It would be far too time-consuming to set up lighting for whole rooms – especially one as large as this one. So the shot was taken knowing I would have to lighten the left hand side of the image.

Distracting Reflection

An even bigger problem was the rather bright reflection of the window on the print to the right of the fireplace. I took an extra shot straight onto the print using all the same lighting.

Back on the computer, using Photoshop I cut out the print from this extra shot – using the pen tool to create a path. I then added this layer into the updated image from the whole room. The copied image of the print wasn’t the same proportions nor size as the one in the whole room photo, I had to use transform to scale and twist the print to make it match the original.

Finally an adjustment layer was added to the new print, so that it was the same exposure as the original.

Diana Chick's Interior Design - before photo-manipulation


Diana Chick's Interior Design - graduated filter

Increasing the exposure on the left of the image

Print from a separate photo selected and copied to new image

Copying the print from a different image

Diana Chick's Interior Design - after photo-manipulation