Lisbon and Porto Travel Photographs in Portugal

Lisbon and Porto are both built on steep hillsides. Lisbon has the bright yellow trams that are shaped to cope with the steep inclines. The port of Lisbon was the departure point of Vasco Da Gama on his voyages. There is a gigantic mosaic there to celebrate his voyages.

Porto is famous for its manufacture of Port. The town spans both sides of the Douro River, with a gigantic arched bridge to connect them. The Dom Luís I Bridge turned out to be a perfect viewpoint to capture the beautiful city.

Santiago Calatrava Station

Lisbon and Porto are only 3 hours apart by train. Lisbon’s modern railway station is a destination in itself. Designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, also famous for most of the amazing modern buildings in Valencia and Turning Torso his residential skyscraper in Malmo.

See shots of Santiago Calatrava’s buildings in Valencia and his station in Liege.