Dusseldorf: Derelict Steel Works Photography

Number one on my list of highlights on a recent visit to Dusseldorf was this derelict Thyssenkrupp steel works in Duisburg, shot in the rain.

I find old industrial buildings and machinery fascinating and often brutally beautiful. The rain brought out the incredible colours of the rusting steel and peeling paint. I think the different processes of the plant were painted different colours. Huge yellow-painted pipes would connect to a panel of red-, blue-, and green-painted controls.

The location would be an amazing backdrop to a Wagnerian opera or Shakespeare play. It reminded me of the 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis. The industrial scenes were a foretaste of things to come.

I find it tragic how most of our own British industrial heritage has either been obliterated, or sanitised so much that with the addition of a tea shop, they could be opened by the National Trust. Why has beautiful Battersea Power Station been gutted and surrounded by towering blocks of yet more executive housing?


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