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Wuppertal Schwebebahn Monorail in Germany

This wonderful suspension railway in Wuppertal, Germany is called the Schwebebahn. Its designer Eugen Langen proposed hanging the railway over the river Wupper as an alternative to travelling on Wuppertal’s busy roads.

The Monorail Opens

Opening in 1901 the monorail connected stations in; Oberbarmen, Barmen, Elberfeld and Vohwinkel which due to the success of the monorail eventually expand to merge into the city of Wuppertal.

The Route of the Monorail

The majority of the track is over the river Wupper, the rest of the journey is suspended high over the busy main roads. At each end of the route at the stations of Oberbarmen and Vohwinkel the two-car trains enter an enclosed, tightly-curved track re-emerging on the opposite platform.

Fairground Ride!

What I hadn’t expected is that it goes alarmingly fast, angling out on corners. Having no wheels it is also disconcerting that there isn’t the sense of anything below. 

Taking the Shots

I made the journey several times. Getting off at different stations to take shots of the monorail trains en-route. The best seat on the monorail’s 30 minute journey is at the back, which is were most of these shots were taken. With the speed of the carriages and the swerving angles it was really difficult to compose shots. The weather on the second day was brighter enabling more depth of field, yet keeping a slight blur on the passing carriages.

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