Cut Out Planters Shot For Capital Garden Products

Artificial plants and planters for Capital Garden ProductsThese artificial plant pots are amazing replicas made from fibreglass produced using boat-building techniques. I shot their entire range of pots as cutouts for their website and catalogues. Some of the planters are over a metre tall, so to light them we needed a large set. Henry also wanted images of all the sizes combined, meaning we had no choice but to go outside to get them all in shot. We wanted to keep these shots as cutouts too, meaning a lot of retouching afterwards! I have also photographed them in contrasting locations to appeal to architects and designers.

Artificial Plants Too

A lot of the plants shown with the pots are actually fake too. Their range of artificial plants include flowers, shrubs and trees, which I have also taken shots for. I designed and produced their artificial plants product catalogue using their suppliers’ photos as well as my new ones.