These gorgeous little books are made entirely by cutting and folding the pages of lovely, old, illustrated books.

The client Helena, asked me to photograph her crafts projects, to put on and possibly It was essential to emphasise the fine detail in the work as well as supply a wide range of photographs to choose from.

We created studio sets for each book adding a small number of appropriate props. Had it been spring-time we might have been able to shoot them outside against daisies, instead I tried some on the grass in my local park.

The wide range of craft photography has given the client a portfolio of images to start her new business.

Helena Describes Her Work

My work background has always been in the creative industry, from retail display to interiors stylist, which has naturally filtered through into my interests. I’m delighted to have found a niche craft to share with the growing trend of re-inventing treasured items.

I have often thought how sad it is that beautifully illustrated books are left closed and rarely viewed on a bookshelf. So with this I have found a unique way to transform them into a visual feast, bringing classic books to life with a creative twist, freeing the illustrations from the pages by folding and intricately hand cutting the pictures to tell the story in a unique 3rd dimension. A pop-up book with a difference!

Folded With Love logo 500w

My suggestion for a company name and one of a series of logos designed.
Helena has now called her business Creative Rascal

Visit the Creative Rascal page on Etsy
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