Personalised Gift Photos For Inkerman

These personalised gift photos were shot for Inkerman, who source and commission beautifully crafted items mainly from Britain. Most of them can then be personalised making the item a special gift to treasure.

Previosuly their catalogue featured products shot on either black or white backgrounds. I created a range of location photographs that have a fresher, more contemporary feel to them.

For each product I planned a location or studio setup and sourced a range of props that would show the items in context. The majority of the shots have a very narrow depth of field so that the focus point emphasises the special details or engraving.

Making Memories

I felt you would not only treasure the gift, but also cherish the happy memories of the occasion. The phrase Making Memories came to mind which could be used in new branding and advertising. It also meant that I could shoot the products in a situation that was a commemoration of the occasion, so a beautiful bowl given as a wedding present might be used later to display Amaretti buscuits, or perhaps a bracelet from your public school days might be shown on a copy of the Financial Times. Subtly saying this choice of item was part of your success.

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