Over the years I have created my own Christmas cards to send to clients and friends. Here are some of my favourites plus a few others that slipped through the net.

Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.

  1. My Ding Bats pattern design with a festive colour scheme. Download the PDF.
  2. Old fold out Christmas decorations found at a collectors’ fair.
  3. Lego Santa and tree with dramatic, midnight lighting.
  4. Selection of sumptuous baubles from Tate Britain.
  5. Close up of mini tree decorations from Paperchase.
  6. A dozen+ red, car-shaped boxes of biscuits from M&S.
  7. The same red cars recoloured to use inside the card.
  8. Gorgeous tree decorations shot on an old door for Maison.
  9. Marzipan Santa, bought from the gift shop at a marzipan museum in Budapest (honestly!)
  10. Knitted nativity characters made by local knitters for Jeremy’s Home Store. I shot the whole cast, but the Three Kings looked the best for the card.
  11. Close up of snowman in a snow globe. The nose had to be retouched to make it a better shape.
  12. Star-shaped decoration from Paperchase shot with tissue paper.
  13. Red perspex Christmas trees from Muji shot with a shallow depth of field, making the distant ones out of focus.
  14. Star-shaped biscuits were home made for the shoot, the left-overs were packed up and given as presents.
  15. Wreath shot on an old door for Maison.

15.   Heart-shaped Madonna and Child card, shot in a gift shop in Copenhagen.