Chutney and Jam Photos for Swallowtail Hill

These jams and chutney photos were shot for Swallowtail Hill Farm. It might appear that they were all shot on the same day but in fact they were shot on three separate occasions over two years apart.

Keeping Images Consistent

Matching the previous shots is the biggest challenge. Thankfully I still had the old wooden door that I used for the background. I then worked out where the jars were placed from the peeling paint in the previous shots. The labels also had to be at the same angle too and evenly lit as well. Technology makes things easier as I had a complete meta data record of the exposure, lens and focal length. Two different cameras were used. Early shots were with the Nikon D800 later shots used were taken on the upgraded Nikon D850.

Post Production Challenge

As the jars were lit to make the contents as bright as possible the colour of the jams and chutneys made a colour change to the background. So the colour balance had to be changed for each shot to match the rest.

Working for Swallowtail Hill

I first met Sarah and Christopher in 2006 when they were starting up their small farm near Rye. Sarah was anxious to check out my own eco-credentials before going further. Sarah was finding sustainable products to sell on their website while Christopher was lecturing about the environment. Things have now moved up a gear- they have turned the farm into a destination in itself. From glamping to cottage rentals plus catering and the farm shop selling these delicious chutneys and jams.