Most clients are looking for product photography for their website. Either shots on a plain background, or within a real environment for more atmosphere.

Location Product Photography

Sometimes products look best within a real life environment. Moving furniture and products to a location is no small feat, but gives a buyer a much better impression of how their furniture will look in a real home.

Luckily other products like the stone products here – shot for Chilstone – were already in the right position and beautifully aged too. In this instance the challenge is to find the best spot to shoot the products and what to include in the background.

Some projects like Jeremy’s Home Store was fun to do as their products were such vibrant colours. I shot all of the products ultra close-up making the photos extra punchy.

The sustainable products for Swallowtail Hill involved finding the right spot for each of the products. From a children’s toys sat next to a cricket pitch to bird boxes hanging from trees in a local park.

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