Location Product Photography of sustainable products shot for the ethical store Swallowtail Hill spanning over five years. A lot of their products were shot outdoors in natural ‘green’ locations. I have also used different backgrounds in the studio for more delicate products such as their jewellery.

Styling Ideas

Given a freehand in styling and props means the client can drop off the products and be assured that she will be happy with the finished location product photography.

Shot at Swallowtail Hill Farm

  • The wire basket with handle, shot filled with herbs on a windowsill
  • Bale of towels was shot in their bathroom plus a jug of flowers in the background
  • Pink and black cushions made from recycled car seat belts shot on an old chair in their garden
  • Photo album shot on their garden table with the prop of old glasses
  • Cushions on an old steamer chair, shot in a wild area of their garden
  • Bird house hanging from a tree in their orchard

Shot On Location in Tunbridge Wells

  • Two cuddly toys shot watching the cricket on Tunbridge Wells common
  • Hanging storage shot in The Grove, a small park nearby
  • Girl’s blouse hanging from a washing line shot in The Grove
  • Stuffed hearts garland, hanging from railings in The Grove
  • Pair of stuffed Puffins shot on a log on Tunbridge Wells common
  • Hanging bird table shot in Calverley Grounds another nearby park
  • Pair of blue and pink cushions shot on park bench in The Grove

Later Indoor Studio Shots

  • Tall bottles with decorative stoppers shot on terracotta tile
  • Jewellery necklace shot with shallow depth of field on rough slate


Swallowtail Hill has now branched out to offer farm visits and even glamping – glamorous camping – in buildings which have featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.