Candle Packaging Photos for Copenhagen Candles

This collection of candle packaging photos spans from the very earliest shots (where the candles were lit) to the latest extensive ranges with 16 fragrances.

Back in 2008, I designed their first brochure. Since then I have also designed a large proportion of their packaging designs too, so it’s extra rewarding to shoot their publicity photographs knowing I had an input in their product creation.

Shooting lit candles, glass and metals is a challenging combination, even breathing causes the flames to move in all directions. Shiny metals often reflect the whole studio so have to be controlled with black and white reflectors to mask the reflections and enhance the high- and low-lights.

None the less I love the challenge, the glass and coloured wax is wonderfully sparkly when back-lit. Some of the images were shot with a very narrow depth of field to create lovely soft, blurry backgrounds.

Once each product range was shot, I added my favourite high res images to the Copenhagen Candles’ trade website for their customers to download for use on their own websites and publicity.

See cutout photographs.
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