Shortly before Zaha Hadid’s sad death, she designed the new Mathematics Room at the London Science Museum. The amazing floating ceiling uses canvas panels stretched over a giant, curvaceous, rubber, Mobius-strip-inspired framework. The concept looks something similar to the clever fold-up reflectors made by Lastolite for photographers.

Purple Coloured Lighting

The canvas panels are actually a neutral colour, it is the the coloured lighting that gives the appearance of luminous, coloured, canvas.

Left Handed Camera

These shots were taken with my left-hand-friendly, Sony QX30 lens-camera tethered to my iPhone. I was able to capture the display with the bonus of being able to zoom in and still achieve high quality images. The strange, lens-camera has its own built in sensor and power source, so only uses the screen of the iPhone as a viewfinder. Meaning I can shoot with my left hand whilst keeping my right shoulder safely in its sling. For more images taken with the Sony QX30 see my photographs on Tate Modern’s Switch House Extension.