Dawes Jewellery Graphic Designs

Curvaceous Organic Designs

As part of the brand identity graphic designs for Dawes Jewellery I worked on ways to combine the logo I had designed, with my jewellery photography. My original design – shown first – uses the curving jewellery in a more organic form punctuated with the staccato of individual earrings along the right hand side. At the time the owner James Dawes felt this was too busy. The next designs I presented were much simpler with individual items above the logo.

Designed for Newsletters

The design chosen to be used as the first MailChimp newsletter that new clients will see has a neatly arranged grid of photographs showing a cross section jewellery – shown last.

Designs for Cards and Postcards

The simpler one-off designs have been printed as calling cards and postcards. They have also been used as single category targeted MailChimp newsletters for rings, lockets etc.

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